Mirror Play


Mirror Play, a multi-media, cross-genre performance piece written by Carla Harryman and directed by Jim Cave, was given its second staging at the Susanne Hilberry Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan, a few blocks north of 8 Mile Road in Detroit. Actors, musicians, and sound/visual designers from Detroit (Elana Elyce, Walonda Lewis, and Mary Byrnes, actors; John Olson, musician; Mike Peter, sound engineer; Danielle Aubert, designer; Joel Levise and Asa Watten, tech support) and the San Francisco Bay Area (Jim Cave and Roham Shaikhani, actors; Jon Raskin, musician) all contributed. The performance took place in two sets; the following images are from the first, more constructed set, while the second continued to elaborate on its language, gestures, scenes, images, and sounds in a more improvisatory manner. Gallery works by Mona Shahid, Matthew Blake, Mitch Cope, and Shannon Goff (portraits and sculpture by the first two visible in the stills) also became a part of the interpretation of the text and were important elements in the production.


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Audio: Mirror Play (German) Holderlintum, Tubingen


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